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Thirty Three & A Third (last few copies)

Image of Thirty Three & A Third (last few copies)

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“Thirty Three & A Third” is the debut album from British rock band Additional Moog. Uber-melodic and dynamic – this band is one to watch out for.

Elements of lo-fi rock, folk and combine to form a sound that draws obvious comparisons to the likes of Neil Young, Pavement, Wilco and The Jayhawks – but with a unique British twist.

Lead off track “Cruising By Moon” is a live powerhouse with a mighty ragged guitar break, “New Morning” and “Alt Ending” display Additional Moog’s flair for melodic, laid back tunes, “Four Track Soul” and “The Bit War” are classic pop singles, “Pedal Steel” and “Alaska” have a modern, melancholic Americana feel to them while “Fault Lines & B-Sides” has future classic written all over it.

NOTE : Very few copies of this collectable CD now remain as we are into our last batch!